“But Yours Costs More”


I hear it with some regularity from Prospects. “But your lock costs more than the one I currently use.”

If I have done my job I already know what lock they currently use and that my lock costs more.  And I know enough about their business (or vertical market) that I have insights into HOW they may use my types of locks–meaning the application of the lock technology in their daily work. Continue reading

Patients Value Safe Storage

hospital lock

The world of healthcare is one of many scientific studies, papers, trials, presentations, and research. Rarely does research of a subject within other disciplines compare to that within healthcare.

Granted, a 20-page technical analysis can be pretty dry reading–no matter the subject. Yet, I reviewed just such a paper recently, titled “Healing Environments: What Design Factors Really Matter According to Patients?”

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GSX18 – The Best of…


GSX, better known as Global Security Exchange….and still much better known as the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits (sorry, couldn’t resist) is happening in Vegas this week.

It’s a production of ASIS, which many of us still pronounce as “As Is.” It seems that only the new staff and younger crowd within the security industry have been brow-beat into referring to it as A-S-I-S, like enunciating it at the local spelling bee. And, God forbid, anyone should answer the question of “What does ASIS stand for?” with the truth. It stands for The American Society of Industrial Security. Nope. Not for a long time if you press the issue with ASIS officials…..it just stands for A-S-I-S–no words. But, I digress. Continue reading

Batteries: Going, Going……STILL Going


Electronic Keyless Locks. Convenience, Security, Quality, Durability and Long-Lasting battery life. Wait. What? Long-lasting battery life? To the reader not familiar with my electronic locks you may think I’ve lost it.

I get it. You’ve tried electronic cabinet locks–maybe you have even deployed thousands over the years. And your experience with battery life has been dismal. Not to mention vandalism of batteries, access challenges due to failed batteries, corroded batteries and other nightmares.

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