Batteries: Going, Going……STILL Going


Electronic Keyless Locks. Convenience, Security, Quality, Durability and Long-Lasting battery life. Wait. What? Long-lasting battery life? To the reader not familiar with my electronic locks you may think I’ve lost it.

I get it. You’ve tried electronic cabinet locks–maybe you have even deployed thousands over the years. And your experience with battery life has been dismal. Not to mention vandalism of batteries, access challenges due to failed batteries, corroded batteries and other nightmares.

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Security at Hospitals


Dear Hospital Security…

Security at most hospitals is very weak. Over the years my work has involved protecting hospitals on many fronts. Access Control, IP Video, Door Hardware, Fire Alarms, Fire Suppression, Nurse Call, and the list goes on. Over the last dozen years I have visited hundreds of hospitals as part of my work. Often, my visits are without appointments and unscheduled. Continue reading

It’s a God Thing


I sell locks.  For a manufacturer who makes 65 million of them annually.  That’s not the story, but like all good stories one must start at the beginning.

Some weeks ago I answered an incoming call at our office.  Not odd, yet it is not often that I pick up, given we have a Receptionist/Admin who answers and directs 95% of all incoming calls. Continue reading

I Call B.S.


A few months back I was at Panera for lunch. I was sitting near two guys having a conversation among co-workers. While one did not supervise the other, it was clear he was a mentor or in a position to influence the career of the other. The senior guy was around 30, the other was closer to 25. Continue reading