How to Grow YOUR Locksmith Business


Coming Soon! – Locksmith Partners

In my territory role with IDN H. Hoffman, I spend a good portion of my week with our Locksmith owners/customers.  Face-to-Face, on the phone, via email, working through their staff members, and at training events/shows.  Of course I balance those efforts with doing the very same with Institutional Locksmiths, Security Integrators, and my End-User accounts within about a half dozen vertical markets. Continue reading

Rinse, Repeat, Drone on…


How many have been in meetings that become a mind-numbing experience of “going through the motions.”  The agenda remains unchanged from month to month or week to week.  Results, News, What’s upcoming, Share a story, go forth, conquer, see you next time around……  Rinse, Repeat, Drone on, Rinse, Repeat, Drone on. Continue reading

Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock at IDN


Want to be key-free? Of course a regular combination padlock allows for this. However, a Bluetooth Padlock allows being key-free in a whole new way. Master Lock has two versions of a Bluetooth Padlock–indoor and outdoor–and both are available at IDN.

The unique features of the lock include a free smartphone app (for Android or iOS) that allows you to control how the lock operates. Two significant features include the ability to grant others access to the lock and an audit trail of who has accessed the lock. Continue reading

Connecting the Dots


How are you at spotting trends, predicting future behavior, and connecting the dots within your chosen profession?

More importantly, how well do you act on that information? Do your resulting actions advance your career, land a big sale, result in a new product or service that becomes a huge hit? Do you fail to act? Are you blindsided before acting? Do you take actions that result in poor outcomes? Continue reading