In my continuing effort to showcase unique security products, today I am highlighting a locker locking system by LOCKEY.

I have a demo of the LOCKEY locker system below.  Check it out!

To me the compelling feature with this LOCKEY system is their Remote Allocation System (or RAS for short).  With RAS, the locker locks are completely administered via an online portal (with no recurring fees!) that allow a school (or gym, or commercial facility) to have a complete record-keeping system for all their locker locks, including the names of who is assigned the locker, locker location, lock serial number, and lock combination.

The added value of the RAS system, however, is the ability to issue a new locker combination to one user without ever having to go to the lock.  In fact, the system also allows the issuing of new locker combinations for all locks in the system at one time.  That can be a real time-saver when a school year ends and it is time to re-assign lockers and combinations for the next school year.

For my customer base I also find it very attractive that LOCKEY is based right here in Michigan.  This ensures the very best possible support for their products and solutions.

To learn how the LOCKEY RAS system can simplify your locker lock administration please contact me here.  I look forward to helping you improve your security with great solutions from IDN.