Of Marshmallow and Fi

A confession.  I am a full-blown mobile phone techno-geek.  Over the years I have unlocked, rooted, side-loaded, overclocked, flashed, and nearly bricked many a mobile phone.  If that last sentence doesn’t make sense, rest assured, you are not alone.  We can be an odd bunch, and many others sharing my hobby/passion/addiction are likely 20-30 years my junior!

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I use 4 steps – and You?

number four

No matter my role….Sales Director, Account Executive, Business Development, Sales Mentor…….my selling of security technology (hardware, software, and services) boils down to hard work.  Honing one’s craft, if you will.

I’ve done it door-to-door (starting at age 8! – and again later in life).  I’ve done it with cold phone calls – residential, commercial, and at the enterprise level.  I’ve done it walking through factories, jails, chemical plants, hospitals, schools, utilities, hotels and more.  I’ve presented to Executives, Architects, Consultants, IT Departments, Facilities, Law Enforcement, and every flavor of Security Professional you can imagine. Continue reading

C’mon Salespeople – Step it up

Man Standing in light
  • Salesperson 1 shows up two hours late to an appointment with no call, email, or explanation upon arrival.
  • Salesperson 2 backtracks on prior, written, sales programs, resorting to name-calling in the process.
  • Salesperson 3 “drops in” unannounced and offers no focus/value.
  • Salesperson 4 fails to return phone calls and emails – and allows his staff to justify the behavior.
  • Salesperson 5 uses the same canned message for every type of prospective customer.

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Thank a Police Officer


I sat in Mass a couple of times over the Christmas Holidays and oddly (given the season) my mind wandered to Police Officers.

My mental wanderings began simply enough, noting that a retired police officer was doing the mass readings, the teenage son of another officer was the altar server, and how the wife of a detective was serving communion.  Within the pews were other active duty and retired police officers, detectives, commanders, and their families. Continue reading

Time for a Security HealthCheck


One of the tasks I most enjoy is helping others gain added value on the security front.  When you see those words, “added value,”  I understand if you recoil a bit and think, “Yeah, right…heard that one before.”

It’s true, no matter the business, many times the entire concept of “added value” rings hollow and is no more than marketing speak. Continue reading

Fragmenting Security – Are we our own worst enemy?


Among security management professionals with 30 or more years in the field the continuing fragmentation of the security industry is cause for concern.  Today we have “Cloud, IT, Cyber, Physical” and other variants within the security industry.  This fragmentation continues into our corporations with widespread disagreement on the terms CSO and CISO (respectively, Chief Security Officer and Chief Information Security Officer). Continue reading