Time for a Security HealthCheck


One of the tasks I most enjoy is helping others gain added value on the security front.  When you see those words, “added value,”  I understand if you recoil a bit and think, “Yeah, right…heard that one before.”

It’s true, no matter the business, many times the entire concept of “added value” rings hollow and is no more than marketing speak.

Yet, I like to think I am a bit different when it comes to Security Sales Professionals and the concept of “added value.”  I will invest the time and my skill-set to benefit security integrators and contractors as well as the end-users who are seeking security solutions.  I draw on years of experience in the industry, and a continuing effort to stay on top of new and emerging solutions.

One day I may be pointing out the best way to position cameras in a hallway.  The next, I may be suggesting an upgrade to a newer, improved, generation camera for the same price as the older model seen on a project spec.  In the midst of it all, I’ll be looking at project leads for my best security integrators, and matching an end-user’s requirements to the skills that my customers (integrators and contractors) know best.

And, among my very favorite activities is engaging with a security integrator and visiting their end-user to develop ideas for improving that end-user’s security posture.  At Anixter that is called a Security HealthCheck with a process that formalizes what true Security Professionals selling in the space have done for many years.

Nothing beats gaining an understanding of an end-user’s business, learning how their business ticks, discussing their security challenges, and offering solutions to improve their bottom line.

I’ve done it for years for customers in many markets and the process truly has become the “added value” that rises well above the phony marketing claims that are often associated with the term.

Contact me at your convenience and let’s see what we can arrange to use the Security HealthCheck process to benefit you!

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