2018 Excitement


As I join Euro-Locks (a Lowe and Fletcher company) it is my first foray into the manufacturing side of the security industry. Choosing to do it with a sixth-generation 129 year old global company that makes 60 million locks a year is exciting. The history, craftsmanship, character, and technological innovation of Lowe and Fletcher is matched by few within the security industry. I find that very appealing.

For many, I am introducing myself for the first time. For some, my introduction is an update. You see, I have worked in various parts of the security industry for many years now.

Relatively speaking, if you work in this field long enough, it is a small industry. People, Partnerships, Employers, Products and Services all change–yet all maintain a familiarity industry-wide.

I have had the good fortune of spending roughly half my career in security operations and half in security sales/consulting. As an security end-user, an integrator, a distributor, and now–a manufacturer. The security roles from my past improve my ability to assist those with whom I work today. In other words, over the past several years of selling security products/services I frequently see the solutions I offer from the angle of a Security Director or an Installing Integrator–to name just two past roles. That “real world” experience helps frame my selling/consulting in a way that benefits my customer base.

In short, I promised myself to never become that walking, talking, hawking salesperson who has the world’s greatest products that satisfy every need. I think my customers over the years would attest to my approach being one of a quiet educator, listener, adviser, and solution-provider working with their best interests as my guide.

At Euro-Locks my initial focus will be on one nationwide vertical market (Lockers/Storage) and development of a new sales channel (Security Distribution). With our existing lock technology–Wireless, RFID, Online Portal-driven interaction, and more–and with emerging security products and technology in our pipeline (coming soon!), some really cool stuff is happening at Lowe and Fletcher. And, while cool is cool, what’s even better is when cool is a solution to your security challenge.

To the best of my ability, I’ll work to see that our solutions meet your challenges, fit your business, and improve security in your world.

I look forward to being your security resource when it comes to locks, technology, and security.

vince.regan@euro-locks.us | 616.308.6375 | www.euro-locks.us