Clarify That Name


Coke refers to any carbonated beverage in many parts of the US (particularly the south).

Kleenex and Band-Aids are similar.

All three are brands, yet all three have come to reference something generic, be that a soft drink, facial tissue, or wound covering.

Which brings me to Digilock. Within the world of locks it is a brand name, as well. Yet often when it is said, people are not referring to the brand, but to wanting a digital lock (or electronic/keyless lock).

If you are charged with specifying locks on a project it is critical to clarify what your client really wants when you hear Digilock. Often they are seeking a digital lock with specific features, price points, quality, and support that have nothing to do with a specific brand name.

Asking questions of your client will help you clear up any confusion. When you realize they don’t want a lock made in China, that eliminates many brands–including the actual Digilock brand. Same holds true for when they want a lock with a mechanical key override, or a lock with a flush front for easy cleaning, or one with batteries protected from vandalism.

Clients view this type of guidance as helpful to getting what they truly want for their particular locking solution. Having this conversation on the front-end of the project saves many a headache and a less than satisfied client on the back-end.

Of course, I work for Lowe & Fletcher and would love for your client to select our locks. Adding to the 65 million locks we make each year and bringing on one more end-user who values our quality, pricing, and years of lock-making experience is always a great feeling.

Yet, my larger point remains. Care enough about your client, their project, and the end result to make certain you take a moment to clarify what is important to them when they mention a brand name that is often being used merely to reference the broad category of digital electronic/keyless locks.