For Those Who Wonder What I Do


I have worked within the security profession for many years.  I have worked in Security Operations, Investigations, Management, Consulting and more.

I have been an Security Operations End-User and a Security Integrator/Contractor.

Currently, I work for Anixter International, a Distributor within the Security Industry operating in more than 50 Countries and listed among the Fortune 500.

I like to describe my work with Anixter as having four key areas of focus.  I Educate, Develop, Advise, and Sell.

A quick way to understand Anixter…and my work….is to check out the cool video below.

Please note:  Throughout this site it is important to note that opinions and topics I write about are my own thoughts and may not reflect the views or thoughts of my employer…Anixter.  (and yes, they require that I add that disclaimer to my social media….which makes perfect sense.)

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