Growing your Locksmith Business with Automotive


We’ve polled our customer base over the past three months and have begun to roll out a variety of Locksmith/Security Training Classes at the Grand Rapids Branch of IDN.

One of the most requested topics was learning more about how to grow your business on the Automotive side of Locksmith services.

Join us on Thursday, March 2nd from 6:30PM – 8:30PM (we’re providing dinner!) and learn from a pro about the “ins and outs” of developing an efficient, comprehensive, and lucrative Automotive service line to your business.

The event is FREE and the event flyer at this link has all the details about registering, location, date, etc…share it with your team and make sure at least one of your group is in attendance!

We’ll continue to develop and promote more training opportunities designed to grow your businesses, develop your talents, and showcase the future of the security and locksmithing industry.  So, let’s stay in touch and keep checking back for updates!