How to Grow YOUR Locksmith Business


Coming Soon! – Locksmith Partners

In my territory role with IDN H. Hoffman, I spend a good portion of my week with our Locksmith owners/customers.  Face-to-Face, on the phone, via email, working through their staff members, and at training events/shows.  Of course I balance those efforts with doing the very same with Institutional Locksmiths, Security Integrators, and my End-User accounts within about a half dozen vertical markets.

I outline new products, look for ways to be a resource, solve application challenges, conduct hands-on demos of products that may benefit the Locksmith or their customer, and work through special pricing on large projects or unique needs.  I do this for all my customers and will always do so.

Yet, in the short time I have been focused on Locksmiths, their security issues, and their sales I struggled to put my finger on how to take my work with these customers to the “next level.”

I had been quite successful at  getting to that “next level” with my Electronic/Low Voltage/Security Integrators in a previous role.  I had partnerships with many of those Integrators that helped grow their business in unique, effective, and compelling ways–that increased their profits and their customer base.

So, with that past success under my belt, I have been focused on the Locksmith owner side of partnering.  Over the past six months I have had many discussions with Locksmith owners (some I’ve known for 25 years), their techs, the manufacturers who serve locksmiths, and even the end users of Locksmith services. From these interactions I’ve developed a partnership model where a local Locksmith and I–teaming up in new wayswill both be wildly successful.

I am convinced the success will rival that of my past integrator partnerships–which will make my future Integrator partnerships (which will also use this new model) a few short months from now, that much better!

So, Locksmith Owners, are you ready for growth?  Increased profits?  More customers?  Better account retention?  If so, we should connect.  When it comes to you and I partnering, I have 20 points outlining the benefits of doing so.  Of course, in each geographic market there will be a limited number of partners I can work with on this unique approach to mutual success. I’ll be reaching out soon.  In the meantime, if you stumble across this article, don’t hesitate to connect with me sooner!

Photo by: Brendan Lynch