I Sell to People Who Sell


Of course I want people to buy my products and security solutions.  Yet I spend 50% of my time talking to people with whom I meet about how THEY can sell more.  About taking THEIR core product, adding other quality features to it to differentiate it, and to solve their end user/customer challenges in ways their competitors won’t.

Seems nuanced. Yet, really is not.

I leave those conversations feeling confident that I shared ideas and actions that will help them sell more of their product.  In the process my security products move from a perceived commodity into a driver of increased sales for my customer.

Of course, getting to this point requires listening, reading context, grasping concepts, and positioning your security solutions in a framework that shows the customer how THEY win.

This is not some magic sales sauce, nor a formula, nor a script. Merely being authentic and purposeful. Seek discussions that allow your customer or prospect to win.  When they win, you win.

Photo by: Ben Stassen