IDN showcases new Multi-Family deadbolt technology


I spent some time recently at Allegion. They have rolled out a new product for Multi-Family Properties and I was very impressed. It’s the Schlage Control wireless deadbolt.

Property Managers are going to love this affordable lock that reduces the cost of maintenance, employs advanced technology that millennial renters desire, and provides a level of security and audit information that is unrivaled by ordinary cut keys.

Check out this quick video I created that shows the simplicity of the lock in action.

Well. What do you think? Pretty simple. Yet, there is a great deal of security technology going on at the lock and in the app that administers the entire system (called Engage). It’s free software from Schlage, and it is proven software–having been used in prior Schlage/Allegion wireless products. As I see it this is vital. Software that has been out and in use securing a variety of commercial wireless spaces is now moving into the Multi-family market and has a track record of being user-friendly and robust.

Another great property management feature–you can change access to the lock without having to visit the lock. That is a ground-breaking feature of this lock and one that will be great news to many property managers who are very used to running to a lock (that may be a football field away and up three flights of stairs) with a remote programming unit just to change lock access.

If your property is still using conventional cut keys, Schlage Control deadbolts will eliminate rekeying costs, cut service calls/fees from outside providers, and provide a quick, efficient, and professional security solution to your existing residents with immediate access needs.

The unit has a two year battery life and also has an audit trail which can prove very helpful when it comes time to analyze or investigate security incidents on the property.

I’ve only scratched the surface with this intro to the Schlage Control wireless deadbolt. Contact me for a demo and more details about upgrading your property to a security solution that your residents and staff will embrace.