Leaving Without Notice


Why leave a job without giving sufficient notice?

You are upset? You feel you won’t be missed? Your new employer wants you “right away?” You can’t go another day at your existing job? You only care about you?

And I am sure there are dozens of other stated reasons for not giving notice – some I would even consider valid – like being subjected to verifiable sexual harassment or racial improprieties.

Reasons such as those aside, I frequently have seen people leaving jobs without notice for no legitimate reason. Sure, our society has become “instant everything” thanks to the rise of fast food, mobile phones, on-line shopping, social media, and all the rest.

Still, a weak excuse for someone to not give two weeks notice when leaving a job. I mean, really, “The culture made me do it?” No, I don’t buy it.

YOU–are responsible for you. Your choices. Your actions. Your reactions. You can attempt to rationalize and justify sprinting away from your existing employer. Yet it all rings hollow for me.

Surprisingly, for me it’s not about the “burning bridges” statement that has become so cliche. So your boss was immature, unfair, dishonest, petty, inept, biased, power-hungry, rude, a micro-manager, ad-infinitum. STILL, give your two weeks notice–and work your **s off during those last two weeks. There is more at stake than your boss being the bad guy.

Later, if you choose, go ahead and burn that bridge with the SOB–on your terms–with your head held high that you made the exit as a professional. Keep the two issues separate.

You see, whatever job you did, it mattered–to someone. You either had customers or created, serviced, or provided your labor and/or skills in a role that impacted others–including maybe even your own team, community, children, loved ones, or colleagues. No matter how menial or unimportant you felt your work was, your choice to leave without sufficient notice only reflects on you and your character.

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