“Let Freedom Ring”


At Lowe & Fletcher USA we partner with Locker OEM’s who value freedom. In their country and in their business dealings. We work with OEM’s who want a manufacturing partner who stands beside them, supports their innovation, and respects their independence.

In that spirit, you won’t have to sign a 12 page one-sided agreement to sell our electronic locks.  Nor will we threaten you if you should show some other manufacturer locks on you website or at a trade show.  Freedom doesn’t work like that.

We will honor our commitments to you without fine print that absolves us of any responsibility.  And our sales support, product training, great warranty, fair return process, and serving you is just “who we are” day in and day out–for everyone we interact with–not just a select few.

Freedom helps your end user get the very best project possible.  Freedom helps architects, designers, and project managers sleep at night knowing they are not forcing a square peg into a round hole by working with you. 

With nearly 130 years of lock-making under our belt, Lowe & Fletcher has some enduring values that stand alongside the 65 million locks we make each year.  As a fifth-generation family business acting with honesty, openness and respect are just a few of those values.  It’s who we are and how we work.

If Freedom in business partnerships is attractive to you let’s talk!