Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock at IDN


Want to be key-free? Of course a regular combination padlock allows for this. However, a Bluetooth Padlock allows being key-free in a whole new way. Master Lock has two versions of a Bluetooth Padlock–indoor and outdoor–and both are available at IDN.

The unique features of the lock include a free smartphone app (for Android or iOS) that allows you to control how the lock operates. Two significant features include the ability to grant others access to the lock and an audit trail of who has accessed the lock.

To grant someone access to your lock you open the app, select add a guest user, and then scroll through your phone contacts for who you want to add to the lock. That person receives a text message with a link to the free smartphone app and credentials to access the lock. Once they download the app they are now able to open the lock when they are within Bluetooth range of the lock.

The audit trail will show you the time that guest (or any other guests you have added) have accessed the lock.

This could be great for allowing a service person access to a shed at a remote property. Or construction crews to storage/tool crib access at select construction sites. The applications are many.

The lock/app also has other features–such as the ability to open the lock when you have forgotten your smartphone, or when the phone is secured inside the area protected by the lock (in a mode called “locker mode”).

There are many other features of these high-tech padlocks. Check out the video for some other application ideas and get in touch with me for more details or a “hands-on” demo of the unit. I look forward to helping you with your security challenges.