OrangeBox by BEKEY at IDN

OrangeBox by BEKEY

One of the many great aspects of my new role as a Security Specialist at IDN H. Hoffman is helping my customers become aware of new and exciting security technology.

Moreover, I enjoy developing creative security solutions that meet the needs of my customers and those they serve.  In the video below you will see my very quick 60 second overview of just such a product.  Originally developed for the Airbnb market, the OrangeBox by BEKEY is a bluetooth relay and app (iPhone or Android) that can be wired (just four wires!) to electric strikes, maglocks, gates, and other devices to allow wireless access to authorized users.

What’s more, is that the app allows for sending lock authorization by text message to contacts on your phone – along with scheduling for when a users app (key) will operate the strike, maglock or device.

The uses are quite extensive, and reach well outside the Airbnb market.

Additionally, the free app allows for two modes of operation – Private mode and Corporate mode.  Corporate mode is a hosted solution that costs very little and allows for audit trails, and more robust scheduling. However, the free Private mode allows for scheduling, sending keys to users, and receiving text messages when a lock is accessed; meaning it is a very strong app as a free service!

Let’s get together and discuss how the very affordable OrangeBox by BEKEY can help with your security challenges.  I look forward to working with you on solutions to your toughest issues.