Rejected – #NotLikeTheRest


I sell, It’s true. Yet I am unlike any Salesperson you know.

As a Salesperson I am rejected daily without regard for my insights, talents, expertise, integrity and offerings.

You see, some who work in Sales ruin it for the very few of us who have solid principles and a genuine desire to be of service to our like-minded customers.

What is the point of this?

You. You are the point of this.  You rejected me because you do not know me.

Stick with me for a moment.  Are any of these 10 aspirations* important to you?

  • To act with integrity
  • To invest in personal growth
  • To succeed at home first
  • To exercise patience in challenging situations
  • To inspire people to care for others
  • To be direct and specific in communications
  • To step outside your comfort zones
  • To use humor often
  • To enjoy your means of making a living
  • To value honesty

Those 10 points are vital to me and my daily living.  I wonder if we are like-minded on any of these 10 things?  Maybe we have enough in common that rejecting me outright might be reconsidered.

Professionally, I bring a good deal to the table.  Put another way, I’m a good resource to have in your corner.  Here’s partially why:

    • Security Experience – Years of Security Operations and Security Sales (few have both-this provides balance and realism)
    • Business Management – Recruiting, Budgets, Procurement, Service Ops, Sales Mgt., Marketing, and IT Management expertise.
    • Communicator that uses multi-faceted approach to drive strategy, grow, and win.
    • Security Credentials – One of the very few triple-board certified Security pros in the entire United States.
    • Code Compliance & Best Practices expertise – Fire, Life Safety, Electrical, Personal Safety, CPTED, ADA, Risk Assessment.
    • Technology Futurist – Pursue Security-related Hardware/Software and solution trends involving the latest technologies/opportunities.
    • Professional Investigator – Hundreds of Investigations involving fraud, drugs, IT/policy, sexual harassment, and more.
    • Non-profit/Volunteer – Created charitable 501(c)3’s, sat on boards, community involvement/betterment.
    • IT solutions – Web Development, CRM, Financial/Data Manipulation analysis, Inventory Systems and more.
    • Peer Recognition – Recent Security Practitioner of the year within the Security Industry.

Tooting my own horn?  Not the intention, yet that’s one way of looking at it.

Another way. Maybe we could connect.  Maybe I can be a resource to your business.  Maybe my personal aspirations and my professional background will benefit you and your business/work responsibilities.  Maybe all salespeople are not alike.  Let me show you. #NotLikeTheRest
*My personal mission statement was written years ago and has another 16 items on it.

Photo by: Sean MacEntee