Standing Up on the Job

Vince in Home Office

I have worked at a Stand-Up desk for a good number of years now.

People often ask if it is related to back problems or some health issue.  No, none of that.

I just happen to feel more “engaged” in my work if I am standing.

For over 15 years now I have found it to be much easier to make phone calls and have business conversations from a standing position.

Additionally, in Management roles, having a stand-up desk has (I believe) conveyed a message to my teams that is a bit more welcoming when they stop by, as well as makes me more apt to get out and collaborate more with the team.

Are there health benefits?  Possibly some, but they (sadly) seem somewhat negligible to me.

As a wearer of the Jawbone UP24 Fitness Tracker I can tell you that any time spent at the stand-up desk immersed in my work does not translate into bumping my numbers up on the step count!  I have not done the Treadmill Desk…and probably will not…just not my style.  Nor is the Hampster-Wheel stand-up desk!  Can you believe it?!!!

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