GSX18 – The Best of…


GSX, better known as Global Security Exchange….and still much better known as the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits (sorry, couldn’t resist) is happening in Vegas this week.

It’s a production of ASIS, which many of us still pronounce as “As Is.” It seems that only the new staff and younger crowd within the security industry have been brow-beat into referring to it as A-S-I-S, like enunciating it at the local spelling bee. And, God forbid, anyone should answer the question of “What does ASIS stand for?” with the truth. It stands for The American Society of Industrial Security. Nope. Not for a long time if you press the issue with ASIS officials… just stands for A-S-I-S–no words. But, I digress. Continue reading

2018 Excitement


As I join Euro-Locks (a Lowe and Fletcher company) it is my first foray into the manufacturing side of the security industry. Choosing to do it with a sixth-generation 129 year old global company that makes 60 million locks a year is exciting. The history, craftsmanship, character, and technological innovation of Lowe and Fletcher is matched by few within the security industry. I find that very appealing. Continue reading