Security at Hospitals


Dear Hospital Security…

Security at most hospitals is very weak. Over the years my work has involved protecting hospitals on many fronts. Access Control, IP Video, Door Hardware, Fire Alarms, Fire Suppression, Nurse Call, and the list goes on. Over the last dozen years I have visited hundreds of hospitals as part of my work. Often, my visits are without appointments and unscheduled. Continue reading

Of Marshmallow and Fi

A confession.  I am a full-blown mobile phone techno-geek.  Over the years I have unlocked, rooted, side-loaded, overclocked, flashed, and nearly bricked many a mobile phone.  If that last sentence doesn’t make sense, rest assured, you are not alone.  We can be an odd bunch, and many others sharing my hobby/passion/addiction are likely 20-30 years my junior!

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